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50+ Simple Lemons Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artist in 2023 

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50+ leamons drawing ideas by viral painting

Lemons are fruits with thick yellow or green skins and have a very acidic juice that can be used in cooking. So while this fruit might look intimidating at first, it can be a lot of fun to draw!

The key thing to remember when drawing lemons is that they tend to be round or oval, with the top and bottom being approximately the same size.

In today’s blog post, we’ll provide some simple and easy lemons drawing ideas for kids and adults. Let’s get started!

Easy lemons drawing ideas for kids:

Cartoon lemon: this lemon is perfect for kids to practice drawing with a few simple lines. It has round eyes, a smile, and two circular sections for leaves. Kids can use the computer to add details such as the eyes, mouth, and lines on the leaves if they want to.

Bear lemon: this cute little bear lemon is great for young children just starting to draw. It’s completely black and white, so all they have to do is draw a few circles of different sizes with some thick lines on top of them.

Kawaii lemon: this cute lemons drawing idea has been made into a small Kawaii character, which means it’s small and cute! To draw it, all kids have to do is draw a large circle as the body of the fruit and add two smaller circles for the eyes and one larger circle on top for the nose and mouth.

Easy To Make Lemon Drawing Ideas For Kids


For Kids Lemons Drawing in 2023

Cute Lemon Drawing

Simple lemons drawing ideas for adults:

Lemon with leaves: the leaves of this lemon are the same size as the lemon, so all they need to do is draw two large circles for the main part of the fruit.

Lemon tree: this lemon drawing idea lets you practice drawing trees while learning to draw lemons! All you need to do is draw a big circle at the base of the tree and another one near each lemon.

The leaves on top can be made with three small circles, and the eyes can be drawn into tiny shapes using curvy lines.

Sketch lemon: this sketch lemon is perfect for kids who are ready to practice drawing some simple lines.

They must draw a large circle for the body, add some lines for leaves, and three small circles for the eyes.

Kemon Drawing Ideas For Adults Artist

For Adults Lemon Drawing Ideas

Easy To Make Lemon Drawing Ideas

Lemon Drawing Ideas in 2023

Cute Lemon Drawing Ideas

Lemons drawing ideas for experts:

Lemon with seeds: if you’re willing to be a little more advanced, try drawing this lemon with seeds instead of leaves! All they need to do is draw two large circles for the main part and two smaller ones for the eyes.

Lemon with leaves: this lemon drawing idea is great for drawing the whole fruit, including the leaves. To do so, they must draw a big circle as the body and small ones for each leaf.

Lemon sketch: this sketch lemon is similar to the first one we showed you, but it’s slightly more challenging since there’s a background. To draw the body, they must draw a large circle for the stem and two smaller ones for each leaf.

Colorful lemon: this colorful lemon is great if you’re ready to make a more detailed painting, but it’s still simple enough for everyone to follow. The only thing to take note of is the fact that the lemons are all connected, even though they look like they have some space between them.

Cute Lemon Colorful Drawing Ideas

Lemon Drawing Ideas For Professional Artist



Do you have any favorite lemons drawing ideas that we haven’t mentioned? If so, feel free to comment below! Have fun trying these different lemon drawings, and don’t forget to share what you’ve created.

As you can see, drawing lemons doesn’t have to be complicated! If you’re having trouble coming up with your designs, why not try one of these 30+ Simple and Easy lemons drawing ideas? Have fun!

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