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Step By Step Puppy Drawing and 10+ Puppy Drawing Ideas

You must have seen small and cute puppies of dogs playing with each other, running to pick up the ball you threw in some direction and jumping upon their mother. They look so adorable, right? And force us to think of keeping them as pets. 

Whatever the breed is, puppies of each and every dog look cute and adorable. Today we will bring our puppy to life by drawing him on our sheet and filling it in with attractive colours. So let’s roll!

How to Draw A Puppy– Let’s Start!

Step 1 — Outline the head portion

We will start by first drawing the head portion of the puppy. For this, you need to draw an irregular circle. Hold your pencil lightly and draw with your free hand. 

Step 2 — Draw big ears on the head

As we need to draw a cute puppy so we will be drawing big ears. Draw two flap-like structures including one completely starting from inside the head and the other one starting from the periphery of the head.

You can take the reference from the picture shown below. 

Step 3 — Draw the mouth portion

In order to form a mouth, just draw two inside arcs joined to each other at the bottom centre of the head.

Just below the two arcs, draw another one in between the two to form the lower portion of the mouth. 

Step 4 — Add eyes and some details

Draw three small arcs in the middle of the head above the mouth with some distance in between. Now leave the middle one and draw two inverted U-shaped structures touching the arc at ends. Add details to form the eyes.

Now draw two beads above the eyes to form the eyebrows.

Next, draw some curved lines with a free hand on the remaining portion of the face to form some patches.

Take the reference from the picture shown below. 

Step 5 — Draw the neck portion

Just draw two curved lines, one from below the right ear and the other one from below the mouth. 

Do not join them and leave them giving an open end as shown in the picture. 

Step 6 — Draw the front limbs

For the front limbs draw two vertical lines one longer and the other shorter emerging from the outer curved line. 

Now draw a paw by turning inside the longer line. Repeat the step for the right leg and add details by drawing a patch with your free hand.

Take reference from the picture shown below for an idea to start. 

Step 7 — Draw the back portion and the other two limbs

Now using a free hand and curved lines draw the bumpy back of the puppy joined with its rear limb in right.

Draw another limb at the back but smaller in size. 

Step 8 — Add details in the back portion

Again using free hand and curved lines, draw patches of skin at the back portion of the puppy. 

Step 9 — Add a tail

A puppy is incomplete without its tail. So draw a pointed peak tail with the pencil as shown in the picture below.

Make a section at the end in the air by drawing a line in the middle forming a triangle. 

Step 10 — Fill in colours and throw the ball!

Before playing with your pup, let us first fill in the colours. Fill light brown colour in the entire body leaving the patches. Fill the skin patches with a darker shade of brown.

Fill the eyes and nose with solid black colour and for details like twinkling eyes leave some white space. 


We hope you are all set to play with your pup after drawing it on a sheet in just 10 easy steps.

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10+ Cute Puppy Drawing Ideas

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List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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