What is Art? How to Choose your art career?

Art is a very common word which we use in our daily life. But it has a lot of history behind this. We can also tell that it is a subjective topic and is interpreted differently by people. this is the key thing to focus on which we will come back later. first let us understand from beginning what is art.

Arts & crafts movement started way back in from the attempt to reform design and decoration in mid 19th century Britain. There are various arts & crafts forms which can be beyond our imagination. From ancient to latest works there are  number of varieties of art & craft forms for which there is no awareness.

Firstly the art refers to theory, human application and physical expression of of creativity found in human cultures and skills and imagination of respective personal
From pre historic cave paintings to modern art serves a vessel for convening human imagination and relationship with environment. art is of various kinds contemporary art & folk art drawing painting etc.
as we discussed art is subjective topic which depends on each persons imagination and interests. learning a new art skill is not only pertains to existing art it can be a new art form or modified art form
of pre exiting art form based on human ideas.
Let me give u an example- all of you are aware of handwriting – what will come to your mind when I say handwriting, there are different forms of handwriting one of them is Calligraphy.

Calligraphy- There are also different styles of representing it, brush lettering these are not any existing art forms it was developed over time or modified from time to time based on human observation.

So we can conclude that art is not just a thought process of some others idea, it is a imagination and creativity of humans.
Before you decide what to learn you have to think which art form will help you enhance your creativity. And it is completely fine if you are a beginner, we are here to help you choose your art career.

There are many art forms in world, but all the art forms are not thought to you. Very easy and in fact common art form which we all know is drawing and painting. Everyone will be interested from childhood to draw and learn new designs since childhood. We will help you to learn even more interesting art and crafts form.

To give you information about more interesting art forms here it is:

  • Doodle Art – Doodle art very creative art yet require little confidence to do. It is not so difficult art if we do with little creative and confidence mind.
    Doodling doesn’t require any design or process, we can start doodling with simple steps like imagining one character and start giving different shapes for that.
    You can also use variety of thickness shape for drawing. One more important thing is you have freedom to do your own design without following any instructions or rules to draw. This is the main and important thing in doodling.

If you want to learn more about doodle art refer the post published by Ms diksha about doodle art

  • Paper Quilling – Quilling is one more simple and interesting art which can be done with small bundle of colorful bundle of quills and some stones. You can very easily learn quilling by rolling it through the tool which will be available with kit. You can many interesting things using quilling paper like, Earrings, hangings and various designs. It is also one of the coolest art forms to learn.
  • Finger Painting – Imagine how cool it would be to paint with your own fingers with different shades of colors. There is no hard and fast rule for this painting. It only depends on how you twist and turn ur fingers to make beautiful painting using various colors.

To go in depth about paintings the below are unique and famous painting forms in India:

  • Madhubani – Madhubani is quite famous art form which is originated from north india bihar region. These paintings are considered as one of oldest form of art originated in india. Mainly these art forms are considered to dedicated to hindu gods and various royal monasteries. These paintings are interested and require full concentration and dedication to draw.
  • Tanjore Painting – This style of painting is originated from Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu. This painting is known for vibrant colors and designs. This paintings are also dedicated to hindu god & goddess and various other characteristics of ancient books. Original Tanjore Painting is quite precious and costly. This painting is not so difficult to learn as well, it just requires concentration and willingness to learn something new and auspicious.
  • Warli Art – This interesting Art form is a tribal art form originated from Maharashtra. These art forms are drawn based on nature, harvest and other forest related things. This ancient art was initially painted on the walls of house, later it gained its popularity and was used in home decor and hangings.

If we search for any art forms there are millions of options to learn new art, but to excel in one art form requires more dedication and willingness to learn. So choosing an art career depends on ones own interest. Before choosing a art career you need to research a lot about that art and understand, once we understand the base of that we can even create our own design. So artzclub is here to help you learn new art and craft forms with experienced and quality artists and also provide new and varities of information about various art and craft forms. Do let us know which is your favorite or interested art form to learn.


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